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CBA Premium

El premium de CBA

CBA Premium is a brand of premium and high quality content, showing the best from around the world, first class and with actors world renowned by the best film and television academies

It is made up of 3 HD TV channels, broadcasting in the original language and without commercial breaks. In its programming it has better series and movie premieres, before in any other channel.
In addition, you get Premium access within the CBA Play App, where you will enjoy, whenever you want, live sporting events, movies, series, animations, lifestyle and more. All in one place.

Our programming includes exclusive content from 20th Century FOX, MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate and Summit studios.

All CBA, all the time, everywhere, the complete CBA experience.


Best of Hollywood


100% pure adrenaline


The best entertainment to enjoy with the family. In your language.

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